Organic Pop Rock Jingles Come to Life on Dutch Station @ReelWorldEurope


Radio Veronica launches new sound from ReelWorld

The iconic Dutch broadcaster Radio Veronica, once one of the original pirate radio stations, has launched a new custom jingle package created by the team at ReelWorld.

The pop-rock radio station recently went through a series of changes to both its line-up and its playlist, and needed a new jingle package as part of the refresh.

The station returned to ReelWorld for a new set of 16 custom themes.

Authenticity was crucial for Veronica so this jingle package features real guitars, bass and drums to give it a totally credible sound. One theme even features a Talkbox, as used by Bon Jovi, to add to the musical palette.

Chris Hartgers and Guido Sprenger, Imaging Managers at Radio Veronica: “These new jingles really sound amazing on-air – the real instruments throughout the package bring the themes to life. We worked closely with the team at ReelWorld to make sure that everything was exactly as we wanted and we’re delighted with the result.”

ReelWorld Managing Director Anthony Gay: “We were honoured to be invited to work on the new sound of Radio Veronica. This package is the real deal, with the live instruments really bringing the themes to life.”

The ReelWorld Radio Veronica jingle package is now available for re-sings across Europe and you’ll be able to hear all the themes and mix outs at soon.

ReelWorld custom radio jingles can already be heard on Heart UK, NRK P1 in Norway, Belgium’s Radio 2 and Bayern 3 in Germany. The European business is based at MediaCityUK near Manchester and also recently unveiled a new sound for BBC Radio 1Xtra.

For stations in Asia and The Pacific, your choice for the most authentic sounding jingles is only ReelWorld, visit

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