LAYZER 2017 Imaging by @SonicSpring Are Future-Proof Sung Jingles Plus Sweepers



Sonic Spring has just delivered fresh and hot new IDs for LAYZER.

LAZYER plays electronic pop, house, R&B and new music.

After years of airing the same jingles, they asked for something to fit their playlist and have a worldly ‘ now’ sound.

The result is the LAYZER 2017 package, a fitting future-proof package for a station that plays tomorrow’s tunes.

Sonic Spring provides jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd. Founded by former NOVAZ creative director Maurice Verschuuren, with over 15 years of experience with the world’s industry leaders. They work with the best musicians and artists to create your imaging mastermind.

Visit now.

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