Download Splat!Freqz FX Now on KROQ, Hot 97 NY Use Code JINGLESPRO for 10% Off @soundfreqz


Splat!Freqz FX is rocking radio stations from NY to LA.

Hot 97 in New York City was among the first to get behind Splat!Freqz and now it’s heard on the World Famous 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles.

“Its like a whole new box of Legos to play with. This stuff is amazing!! LOVE the variety too. GREAT amount of cuts all of which are useful. You are killin’ it with this stuff!!”

TREVOR SHAND, Imaging, KROQ, Los Angeles

Like a roundhouse punch to the eardrum, Splat! Radio Imaging and SoundFreqz Sound Design have joined forces for Splat!FREQZ – a walloping collection of bell-ringing audio production effects.

Sure, you’ll get hits, punches and impacts…plus techs, tweaks, drones, rises and more combos than a heavyweight brawl.

Splat!Freqz FX – hard hitting and priced right.

Already winning over the crowds at top ranked stations like KROQ Los Angeles, Hot 97 New York, CHUM FM Toronto and WMMR Philadelphia.

Pound for pound no other effects package can enter the ring with Splat!Freqz.

For a limited number of slots, get the Splat!Freqz FX at 10 percent discount, use the code JINGLESPRO upon checkout. Visit and don’t forget to use JINGLESPRO code

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