New Jingles for RBR Martinique 2017 @Reezom_jingles @EspositoJseb


New jingles for RBR Martinique by Reezom.

Reezom, based in Montreal, produces jingles and custom made branding tools. Connecting music to brands.

The team believes that the best way for a radio/tv station or a private company to dominate a market is to develop its own strong, unique and memorable tailor-made brand. Whether it’s imaging or musical production Reezom has the expertise and experience to deliver.

RBR is coming back again to update its station Imaging and sung jingles. We kept the same vibe and recipe and the same creativity and modernity… – Reezom Team

Talk to Reezom now about your sonic identity and how it relates to your franchise area and let them help you to create a brand that directly reflects your unique stations’ personality, its’ listeners and core values. Unlike other imaging companies they take time to listen to you in order to fit your needs and budget. Everything is tailor made from scratch…

Whether it’s jingles, liners, stingers, sweepers, sound logos or music beds, the focus is on enhancing the impact of your Radio or TV product.

Isn’t it about time you stepped it up a notch and showed the competition how it’s really done?

Visit now.

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