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Just a few weeks since the release, the Glide 3 library by Sticky FX has found its way to several AC and Hot AC stations around the world. Even for a public broadcaster as Dutch AC/News-talk hybrid Omroep Brabant, Glide 3 has proven to be the ideal toolkit for their new audio design.

Maurice Verschuuren, Creative Director of Sonic Spring is responsible for the imaging of Omroep Brabant and also is one of the voice overs for this station in the south of the Netherlands.

He explains why Glide 3 is the perfect match for the new sound design of Omroep Brabant: “I knew immediately this is exactly what a modern AC, Hot AC, Full Service or News-Talk station needs. Warm, smooth and fluent! For the sound of the new promo’s and sweeps of Omroep Brabant I was looking for fx that enhance the flow and forward momentum of all the elements on a Full Service radio station and Glide 3 absolutely delivers!”

It’s huge!

The new Glide 3 library which is tailor made for AC and Hot AC formats contains over 600 fx and work parts categorized in 12 sections.

Verschuuren: “It’s huge! And it really has everything you can possibly need to create a distinctive fresh but classy station identity. Especially the Whooshes and Slams in this package I really like. They make your job so much more easy. A new sweeper is built in just a few minutes and it sounds just the way you need it to be for your format.”

Maurice continuous: “As a Sticky FX addict, I was thrilled to hear the new Glide 3 library was available. The sounds are quite different from anything else out there, Glide 3 is absolutely my go to library for any AC or Hot AC format. But it even works when you want to create more flow and enhance smoothness in for example CHR productions.”

Hard to find

Omroep Brabant started new programming two weeks ago. So they also needed their imaging to have an update. Verschuuren: “I used Glide 3 for Omroep Brabant to create a fresh and modern sound but it also needed to be smooth and neutral. It’s an AC/News-Talk hybrid and if you’re also doing imaging for a station like this, you know how hard it is to find a production library that has a sound that works for your station. But the fx and work parts of Glide 3 work perfectly with the format of Omroep Brabant. It blends the music, talk and news together with exactly the amount of energy and freshness we we’re looking for. I recommend any one in similar formats to check out this package.”

Glide 3 is the third library in the Glide series which started with the introduction of Glide 1 in 2011. Many producers using Glide, liked the neutral sound and subtleness. Something they couldn’t find anywhere else so in 2015 Glide 2 was born! And the newest library Glide 3 is the absolute production beast tailor made for AC and Hot AC radio.

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