3 Reasons To Get Prime Audio Imaging to Image Your Station @ImagingAudio @LewisBilkey


The new radio imaging and production company Prime Audio Imaging has just launched.

And in a sea of production companies, here are 3 compelling reasons to get them on board or make the switch.

  1. High quality and affordability – no compromise production quality at very competitive rates.
  2. Personalized and customized – no stations are alike, so you’re the boss! Each project is unique for you.
  3. Armed with modern tools – Geared up and fully equipped with the only best in the biz audio production tools and equipment.

Founded by Lewis Bilkey – a voiceover artist, Prime Audio Imaging’s mission is to create top notch production for anyone and everyone.

“We love what we do and whether you’re a small internet radio station just starting out, a DJ, a presenter, or just looking for some voiceover work we can create a personal, custom piece of audio to set you apart from your competition.”

“Our team is equipped with the most modern and up-to-date equipment available for sound engineers, audio producers, creators & broadcasters on the market. Top quality audio & radio imaging for next to nothing.”

Lewis, who attends Music Technology & Radio Broadcasting studies at University of West London, describes himself as a focused, motivated young individual who has the passion and enthusiasm for creating attractive high quality audible and visual production.

A well organised and reliable producer, Lewis is keen to collaborate, work and embrace new project ideas involving Radio, TV & Film.

Prime Audio Imaging’s latest work is for Mix 106.

Now that you have been “Primed”, hear their demos and visit PrimeAudioImaging.com to get started.

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