Jack2 Oxfordshire and Juice Brighton Choose @AudioSweets


February was another busy month on AudioSweets.com, they added tons to Pick’N’Mix with new pop beds, fresh music imagers, continued to sweet intro’d the Top 20, added shells 90s hours and back to the hits shells, loads of break beats and more!

Check out some of the February highlights and visit the all new AudioSweets.com.

New stations have also just signed up to the service, CHR station Juice Brighton & Jack2, the sister station to Jack FM in Oxfordshire, UK.

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AudioSweets is a radio and multimedia production company comprising of Pick’N’Mix, ASX and ASID.

AudioSweets Pick ‘N’ Mix is the weekly updating imaging tool kit used by over 1000 stations around the world. Inside you can audition and download thousands of workparts from promo shells to beds, artist drops to branded intros, music imagers and topical elements; all of this is available 24/7 with your subscription.

ASX from AudioSweets offers affordable buyout radio imaging elements. Used by thousands of independent producers and production companies, along with radio stations of all sizes across the world; download beds, artist drops and sound design, music imagers, power intros and workparts – ASX gives every station the opportunity to have great sounding imaging.

AudioSweets ID is the custom imaging arm of AudioSweets. Our jingle/ID packages cover every format from CHR imaging to AC jingles. The team include experienced composers, producers and singers who between them have created thousands of jingles for every type of project. We offer custom jingle packages and syndicated re-sings.

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