The Best of Peak Media Radio Jingles @PeakMedia_


Peak Media presents their latest creations in radio imaging.

Over the past year, more than a dozen brands and over thirty broadcast stations from all over the world have chosen the Quebec-based enterprise to actualize their sound identity.

Under the artistic direction of Daniel Boisvert, Peak Media’s team has delivered numerous jingles and musical themes for stations like Sweden’s Rhone FM, Belgium’s Radio Contact, Paris’ Voltage hit radio, as well as Canada’s Virgin radio, to only name a few.

PEAK MEDIA defines itself as a group of international virtuosos, specializing in radio imaging and television for 15 years now.

Boasting an experienced team that puts its skills to the service of its clients, PEAK MEDIA is at the cutting edge of the latest trends and developments and has the expertise to produce the best in radio, television and music.


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