How To Get Free Sample of AI-FX Monthly @BenztownRadio @JeffSchmidt


Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voice-over services company, and Alien Imaging LLC, a San Francisco, CA-based sound design company, announce the launch of Alien Imaging’s new sound effects service, AI-FX Monthly, a subscription-based service which delivers monthly sound effects packages to radio stations of all formats and market sizes for barter. 

The subscription includes the newly released AI-FX3 sound effects library, and AI-FX4 (due for release later this month).

Through the new AI-FX Monthly subscription package, stations now have budget-free access to Alien Imaging’s cutting edge sounds. 

AI-FX Monthly will include at least 100 new sounds across all categories, including FX, impacts, loops, beds and drones.

Jeff Schmidt, Creator, Alien Imaging, in the midst of a furious FX production session, had this to say: 

“Does anyone even read these things? Email me the word ‘shazbat’ by Nov 30th for a free sample at”

Mike Brownsher, Imaging Director, 98.7 ESPN New York, the service’s first affiliate, said:

 “I haven’t been this excited about an imaging library in a long time. Alien Imaging is really a treasure trove of awesomeness!”

For more information and to get Alien Imaging’s AI-FX Monthly subscription audio package for barter in your market, visit

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