Maurice Verschuuren of @SonicSpring Reveals The Magic Behind “KX Classics” Imaging Masterpiece


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Unique, exciting and unpredictable, this is the new KX Classics imaging package from Sonic Spring.

The station plays the classic hits from the 60s, 70s and the 80s and the team at Sonic Spring delivers a compelling sweeper package.

We recently chatted with Maurice Verschuuren, Creative Director at Sonic Spring and revealed the fascinating process of creating this classic hits imaging masterpiece.

RJP: Tell us about the project KX Classics, what was the directive or mission?

Maurice: They wanted to bring some life to the non-stop station by adding artist drops and quotes in the imaging. Also, the liners have to really tell the station’s story and what it’s about.

RJP: As this is apparently for a classics format, the expectation is that it should fit the sound, how was the process that the sweepers still stay true to the format?

Yes, It starts by choosing the right voice talent, the fx, EQ’s etc that compliment the music. Also it helps if you actually LOVE the music and let that inspire the production.

RJP: While understandably these are sweepers, with less emphasis on music beds, what was the process like in selecting the appropriate imaging FX, where these custom designed SFX?

I chose to use as many “old” fx libraries as I could find. So leaving out the harsh and short newer stuff, and going for longer stagers & hits from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I always select a specific sound for each project and stick with that the whole way thru.

RJP: Awesome! Of course, production is just one factor, with regards to the copy, who did the writing and what was the focus of the message?

Yes! Having the right ingredients (like copy, VO and audio elements) make up for 75% of the production. The basic copy was written by Rob Stenders who is founder of the project. Then we had some people rewrite the errors and finally Chris the VO guy can change anything he think needs changing as well.

RJP: Love the collaborative efforts in here. And yes, that powerful message can only be complimented with such a powerful voice, who is given the privilege here to voice the sweepers and how was the selection process?

Chris Ackerman of He’s such a nice guy to work with. A few years ago he actually flew to the Netherlands to do a couple of recordings here. I found him online and immediately fell in love his classic American voice that screams CHARACTER. He’s a huge hit with many of my clients in Europe that need a deep trailer voice as well.

RJP: How about the processing of the voice, was there specific technique(s) used to make it pop ?

Yes a good mic and a good voice is half the work., then the production magic comes into play. Chris runs thru a number of plugins and a little verb. I spend a lot of time tweaking and setting up the processing at the start of each project. Making sure the settings work with the specific VO and project.

RJP: Noticed the accentuating voice drops in some of the sweepers, but how do you think the drops help in hammering home the message of the brand.

In this case I took some quotes from iconic artists like Bowie and Jagger which immediately brings the whole production to life . When not immediately audible that the voice belongs to (for example) Jimi Hendrix, I add some of their music under it so people make the connection instantly.

RJP: What was the reaction from the station when they received the final product.

I got a text from Rob Stenders who was “crying like a little kid, so happy with his new toys”. They were thrilled. Me too, because giving birth to a package always takes time and excitement IMO. It requires your creative juices to flow a that moment which isn’t something you can always compel to do at any time. The time has to be right and you have to feel the excitement going. Then the magic happens.

RJP: What is your advise to classics stations regarding their imaging and how can Sonic Spring help them with their needs?

Be different, not only for Classic stations, but for any station. There’s so much stuff out there that sounds great, but is completely identical. I try to bring back some passion, character and see imaging as art, not as mass production.

Maurice Verschuuren

Maurice Verschuuren

Maurice is currently the Creative Director at Sonic Spring and is also a professional voice-over talent who is providing excellent services to big brands like Omroep Brabant, Media Markt and has worked with Syfy Universal, Q Music, Radio 10 and SBS Broadcasting among many others.

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