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Top Format Productions in Haarlem (NL) is proud on the launch of the new jingles for Wout2Day (KRO-NCRV) at NPO Radio 2.

We recently talked to Dave Albers, Sales and Account Director at Top Format about the package.

Is this the first jingle package you did for Wout2Day or with NPO Radio 2? How was the experience in making the package?

Yes! For Wout2Day it is the first jingle package we did. At NPO Radio 2 we had the tremendous pleasure to work on the morning show package for Ekdom in de Ochtend as well, that was preciously 1 year ago. Guess we’re a good catch on drive time.

How did the dream team achieve the positive, driven and happy sound in the jingles?

Tough cookie! Technically all chords are positive, all sounds playing those chords have something smiley around them and having a good laugh during the session will do the final magic. The songs we created for Wout is an example of positive copy. There are no words in it that complain about working-day clichés, even the smallest words that have a negative ‘sound’ are sophistically dodged.

Noticed the varied texture and feel of the package, there is a pop side to it, there is a hint of dance, a pop rock vibe, even funk, it’s everything. What was the involvement of the Wout2Day team in terms of selection of music?

We wanted to come along with the common and current songs in the playlist of Wout2Day. The production skills of Gijs and Bud really showed off: they made it dance but kept distance from those burned out elements. We took carte blanche by the way and presented our point of view. Wouter called and told us he was só very happy (that made us very proud).  

Love how this is custom produced for a radio show. But can this be also resung as a standalone station ID jingle package? The package can fit a Modern AC or even Top 40, I can imagine.

Interesting! Resings can always be made. The trick is to also make it work for another radiobrand. Vocal production is one, but how is automation working with those end delays, how can we make the sonic logo work even better if we adjust it. Customizing is the new syndication.

The 3 note sonic logo for Wout2Day is amazing, was this custom composed for the radio show?

Better ask Gijs. He says the notes do exist for a longer time, but not yet in this particular timing for Wout2Day;)

What was the first reaction of the team at Wout2Day when they heard the finish product?

All of their kind words were pronounced with way too much smile!

Dave and the team at Top Format were very kind to give us a glimpse of the production in this vocoder session.

And in their pursuit for perfection to achieve a very convincing package for the client, things did change in the process such as the vocals for the showsong.

In the showsong of Wout2Day we tested out many things. So we had the good lyrics but we were not really convinced when we tested these lyrics out during the pre-vocal recording session. When you compare the phrase “in de waan van de dag, jouw muziek en lach, met Team Wout waar je van houdt” to the final mix version, I think you will notice a major difference.

We decided to go for a complete new melody that takes you into the final chorus and have it only sung by female vocalist – Dave

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Dave Albers

Dave Albers

About Dave

Dave Albers is a dedicated copywriter, voice over talent and the sales and account director at Top Format.

Connect with Dave on LinkedIn here.



More photos below on the production of the Wout2Day package.




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