This New @BenztownRadio Deal Will Give Your Station That Creative Branded Swag



Benztown Brings Creative Branded Swag for Barter to Radio as Rep for Incentive Sales Rewards, the Entertainment Industry’s Premier Promotional Products Source

Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voice-over services company, announces that it will represent the entertainment industry’s premier customized promotional products company, Incentive Sales Rewards, in bringing creative branded “swag” to radio stations for barter.

Together, Benztown and Incentive Sales Rewards now offer radio stations the company’s 350,000 unique gift items, sales promotion programs, listener promotions, VIP sports trips, incentive travel, gas and VISA gift cards, and more – all for cash or barter.

Benztown President Dave “Chachi” Denes said:

“We are proud to partner with Incentive Sales Rewards and its founder and CEO Pat Pattison, a true creative genius, former member of the Disney Creative Team and original producer of the iconic and ubiquitous Jack-in-the-Box and Disney antenna balls! Pat and Incentive Sales Rewards bring to radio over 30 years’ experience in providing the coolest, most novel, and memorable ‘must have’ customized promotional gifts to the entertainment and television industries. If they don’t have it, they can get it – and they make it quick and easy from start to finish. It’s a thrill to bring this level of creative branded items to radio for barter, which will be a welcomed relief to budget-strapped stations looking to make a big splash with their listeners, advertisers, prospects and staff.”

Pat Pattison, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Incentive Sales Rewards said:

“ We love radio stations and know we have a lot to offer them in the creative merchandising arena. Our products brand stations but also give stations programs to get more local revenue with fast food, automotive, retail and other local ad categories. As budgets have become tighter for stations we are thrilled to be working with such a trusted and creative group as Benztown and know it will be a great service to the industry as a barter offering.

To browse Incentive Sales Rewards’ selection of promotional products, please visit:

For more information and to get Incentive Sales Rewards’ customized promotional products and more for cash or barter for your stations, visit:

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