TM Studios Sports: Download Free Production Beds


TM Studios, along with 360 Country and Audio Architecture, has just sent out free production beds you can use for sports themed projects.

The download link is now made available to subscribers. You can register for free to get regular updates and freebies from TM. Check out the link below

From TM Studios:


Football, Baseball, Badminton, whatever…

Of course words in big stereotypical fonts aren’t what make us unique. What does make us unique is our ability to make music about it, upload that music to a server and email you a link so you can download it for free.

We’ve provided some tracks for your production (of any kind, totally FREE and clear) from 360 COUNTRY and AUDIO ARCHITECTURE.

Raucous, BIG, Booming, Collegiate (and not so collegiate) sounding sports themes are linked below. You get a lot of variations, mix outs and lengths. If you like these tracks both services offer a lot more like it and lot more not like it…make sense? Check it all out…

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