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Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming and jingles, announces that it has launched “Behind the Song”, a new series of 30-second audio documentaries that give radio listeners a comprehensive look at the stories behind the biggest songs of all time. The series kicks off with Classic Rock’s Top 20, now available through Benztown and Westwood One’s Avalanche Imaging Library. Each category will be updated weekly moving forward, for a complete library of stories behind the top 100 songs in Classic Rock.

The “Behind the Song” stories are intertwined with the music and roll right into the song itself, giving listeners a continued look into their favorite music and giving stations turnkey content directly related to the core artists of the station. Benztown will also roll out the Country installment of the “Behind the Song,” highlighting the biggest Country songs of all time, in a few weeks.

Justin Case, Director of Programming and Imaging, Benztown, said: “The stories behind the biggest classic rock songs of all time are almost as good as the songs themselves. Avalanche takes its already stellar production value up a notch with imaging director James Stodd and writer Bill Royal serving up weekly “Behind the Song” stories that will add brand value to your station, while keeping the music moving and the stories forever young.”

To hear a demo of the “Behind the Song” audio documentary series for Classic Rock, visit:

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