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Omrop Fryslân is one of The Netherlands most unique public broadcasters. The regional brand successfully operates online, via social media, apps and television. Besides the leading and extreme stable role in ratings, the market share for radio increased to 70%, within only 1 year of time.

Top Format Productions is extremely proud to announce the Omrop Fryslân custom jingles 2016, tailored around the positive Modern Pop format.

Klaas Geert Bakker, Editor in Chief, defines the new sense of Omrop Fryslân: “From Monday the radio sounds very different. At that time the new audio design is introduced to our audience, with the so-called jingles and leaders. All of them sound fresh, positive and full of energy”.

As the result of a pitch, Top Format Productions is commissioned to consult on the complete strategy, logically followed up with the creation and production of all themes, jingles and audio elements to re-brand Omrop Fryslân it’s complete audio identity.

Dave Albers, Creative Director: “The pitch invite came on the exact same moment where we launched our #dreamteam. The task for our new composers was crystal clear: create a Modern Pop identity. Gladly the new approach, energy and vision convinced everyone involved. Each jingle simply tickles your ‘wow experience’. That’s beneficial: the new obstinate, proud and positive sound instantly brings Omrop Fryslân closer to all listeners. “As creative jingle makers we are very proud of our 10-year partnership. Now, the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves ánd the Omrop Fryslân branding to a wide audience, is already one of our finest musical missions!”

The Omrop Fryslân 2016 jingles are built around 22 main themes. All main ID’s are mixed with-and without custom pre-logo’s, as full ramps, basic ID’s, shotguns and rapid fires. The additional News and Service package exists from 6 main themes to announce the hourly national, regional, breaking, traffic and weather information.

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