@AudioSweets This Imaging Lib Has More Wins Than Michael Phelps Has Golds in Rio 2016


Get ready for an ‘eargasm’ - Pop Core 7 out now from ASX

Get ready for an ‘eargasm’ – Pop Core 7 out now from ASX

The team at AudioSweets really understands every radio imaging and production guy’s dilemma in this part of the year and that is to make a home run in updating the station’s sound.

And as heated as the competition in Rio Olympics, it’s tough to find the right sounds.

Pop Core 7, the latest high octane imaging library from AudioSweets, is just in time. With over 200 imaging tools, this library has more wins that Michael Phelps has gold medals in Rio 2016.

About Pop Core 7

PopCore Vol. 7 is available for immediate download now and is the biggest PopCore album yet, with over 200 imaging tools! Packed with fresh pop music themes, artist drops, shells, sound design, TOH imaging, Out of Break imaging and much more! All this for £50(GBP) All this for £50(GBP) All this for £50(GBP)+VAT!

From the same production team as AudioSweets, ASX is a buyout imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small. The service is created for radio produce for radio producers by r radio producers by radio producers – with useful elements and work par radio producers ts, allowing users to make some sweet radio while saving time and money.

The complete ASX album collection is available for instant download at www.audiosweets.com/asx/

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