To Radio Prods: How To Beat Your PDs with ‘Last Minute’ Sweepers


Familiar situation: you’re excited for the weekend, it is Friday! Right? Then your boss calls you and tells you he needs radio IDs for this new radio show tonight.

Caught off guard?

Such a b***y boss ayt? Well, here’s the thing, you should really beat your PD with this one.

How? Simple. Be one with your station. Get the pulse, be in the politics so to speak. Know what’s happening. Get in the mind of your superior. If you sense and hear that there’s a new radio show coming. You should really be ready with those IDs. Prepare. Stay ahead. The result … no surprises.

It’s as simple as that. In today’s age of ready to go production libraries, 10 sweepers, 30 sweepers shouldn’t be a problem.

But, here’s the problem. The producer should not have this kind of mentality where he thinks of himself as a separate, isolated element of the station. There’s always something that is needed yesterday.

Your PD needs you and trusts you that you can do it, that is why he calls you at the very last minute for the sweepers. Take it as a compliment.

So the next time, PD calls you and shocks you with an ASAP production, your response should be, “boss, it’s already been taken caren of”.

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