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Top Format has just announced the launch of a jingle package for Paprika Tasty Radio, a brand new station streaming via iOS and Android app.

Paprika Tasty Radio brought home a shiny new CHR package of 13 main themes built around the EDM genre.

Top Format assembled a new dream team to carry the mission and accomplished it.

We recently talked to Dave Albers, Account Director of the Harlem-based leading audio branding and production company, about the package and the challenges of branding a station created for the mobile apps generation.

With years of experience as sales director, voice talent and copywriter, Dave knows the challenges as well as the solutions.

RJP: First, congratulations on the dream team. What was the experience creating the Paprika Tasty Radio package?

Dave: Thanks a lot. The experience… It was magic! We had the opportunity to advice Paprika Tasty Radio with all of our experience on account level.  Meanwhile we received complete creative freedom to do whatever we found necessary to get the audio imaging done. The only guides were: create a CHR / EDM sound that is progressive, positive and high-level. On the creative department we just hired our new #dreamteam. So we were really ready to go!

Dave stressed that an online station must put emphasis on having a powerful brand. Paprika Tasty Radio faces stiff competition with literally thousands of radio streaming apps. So it’s the listening experience that should make the difference. If traditional stations fear tune outs or switching, a streaming station’s nightmare is when a user uninstalls its app.

To become a stayer on someone’s smart-device you need to stand out or you are out.

RJP: We understand this is for a recently launched online station but how unique was the process of producing this package compared to the usual jingles that you do for traditional stations?

Dave: From our strategic point of view: for new stations on streaming it is very helpful to behave as a strong audio brand, not just a new app or an interesting name. To become a stayer on someone’s smart-device you need to stand out or you are out. So these jingles must make a difference, but that is not different from any of our other clients, we just want to make it happen. Get the job done and the right ‘gear’ on the air.

The right gear means not just make ear pleasing jingles but those that really connect with the listeners.  And connect they did as the jingles for Paprika Tasty Radio sound so now at the same time effectively stamping the brand onto the listener’s mind with its catchy sonic melody.

RJP: This is a big package with 13 themes, along with the workparts, what is your favorite cut?

Dave: Thirteen isn’t a lucky number to choose from. But as a geek? The TOTH makes you want to go and start every song you like.

The top of hour is a monster cut indeed and so are the other IDs like ramps, basic IDs, rapidfires, workparts like news, weather and traffic. And on top of that, Top Format included a custom sweeper ID package.

The takeaway here is that streaming stations somehow have the same branding needs as their terrestrial counterparts. And jingles should be an integral part of that. Streaming stations may differ in their name, format or audience, and of course budget size but it is great to talk to a seasoned team who knows what is best in terms of branding.

Listen to the demo below and visit for more of their amazing packages.

You can find the Paprika Tasty Radio apps below

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