Check Out This Spicy Smokin Hot EDM Jingle Package by @TopFormat


Paprika Tasty Radio is The Netherlands newest radio brand. Broadcasting online and via tailored Apple and Android market apps, Paprika launched with a freshly colored brand identity. Besides these visual aspects, Top Format Productions in Haarlem (NL) is commissioned to work on the complete audio-branding of Paprika Tasty Radio and created a tailored CHR Pop and EDM jingle package. This crunchy jingle set is one of the first new imaging series that is produced and composed by Top Format Productions its recently new formed #dreamteam.

The Paprika Tasty Radio set is built around 13 main themes and exists an overwhelming bunch of full ramps, basic ID’s, shotguns and rapid fires. Plus TOTH, beds for news, weather and traffic.

Besides all of the jingles the Top Format Productions #dreamteam also created a custom sweeper ID package, existing from over 15 sweeps and mixed with (tailored) production elements from the producers of D-Sign CHR.

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