New Station IDs For CHGA, Attraction Radio by @Reezom_Jingles


Reezom has been in charge of producing Sung IDs for CHGA Radio in the Gatineau Valley – Canada.

The Imaging has been produced by re sing technique which is based on reusing the music bases composed by our studio. This technique allows the programmer to easily select musical melodies for the jingles but unlike other studios, they recreate and re sing all vocal lines and so the station IDs can be made as personalized as possible. The result? The Radio station gets unique and creative jingles that sound like a custom for the price of a resing.

It is easier for a station to position itself in the market with that kind of product than with a simple copy of an existing package. “Each station has its own challenges and its own music and branding solution.”

Reezom is also responsible for the sonic ID and jingles of the new show “New Country” on Attraction Radio. It is broadcast on 105.5 and 101.5 FM in the Chaudiere-Appalaches region.

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