Multi-awarded Imaging Director On Lifesaver FX Library by @StickyFX


Award-winning Imaging Director John Frost of FrostBytes, USA is raving about the KIX FX Library by Sticky FX.

“Congrats Sticky FX! Your new KIX FX library is really solid! The Impacts are varied and original, your use of guitars is refreshing throughout. The KIX FX Starters, Statics and Separators should be a lifesaver for busy producers too! A nice addition for any producer’s arsenal. Keep up the good work!”

The new KIX FX package has separate folders for Impacts, Starters, Fx, Beats, Drones, Separators and statics which makes it easy to work with in a wide range of formats. It blends with lots of musical styles from pop to rock and from alternative dance to eclectic.

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