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Reezom has been mandated to produce the sonic imaging for Radio Capsao – The local station of Lyon in France.

They have carefully created a package of 30 jingles, all uniquely different but always uniquely identifiable and on brand. The package also follows their branding integration philosophy which is to produce creative versions that sit sonically within a stations playlist and overall sound. A bespoke package made so that each single station iD and melody is like a sonic extension of the music played and gives the listener an irresistible urge to sing the name of the brand. Even if the station Imaging is a resing , each cut has been crafted to be creative, diverse and effective.

The result is far superior than just a medium or short cut edit as other imaging companies will perform. Effectively all the benefits of a custom at the price of a re sing. CapSao is a thematic radio station. It talks to listeners who wish to learn about the music and cultures of the Latin world. It broadcasts on three frequencies and plays today’s greatest hits mixed with yesterday’s memories. It also serves as a link between the French, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries, with each language sharing equal portions of airtime.

CapSao is also the station of travel, relaxation and that great mood feeling! Reezom is the creative studio that offers a comprehensive and global approach to branding via music sound design, video and graphics design.

Contact the team now at http://www.reezom.net/

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