Smack Trax, CHR Jingles With Urban Flavour @BrandyJingles


BRANDY Jingles launches SMACK TRAX, the European jingle producer’s first urban CHR package. The jingles are a blend of the latest hit sounds and urban accents.

The 10 cuts are on air at MNM, the youth station of the public broadcaster VRT.

“This is the best package I’ve ever been able to launch,” are the words of MNM programme director, Rino Ver Eecke.

Jingles should reinforce the brand and equip DJs with tools for generating a perfect flow. Smack Trax are the perfect jingles for CHR stations − and for MNM, Brandy added an extra urban flavour. These jingles combine great recognisability with a unique identity.

Rino Ver Eecke (MNM’s network head): “At the briefing of a new station imaging, a radio producer feels all alone in a desert of sounds. Until you hear the first demos … that’s one of the most exciting moments! I’ve launched jingle packages on several different stations positive reactions as now. Kudos, Brandy!”


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