@SonicSpring Presents KX Radio 2016 – A Modern Alternative Jingle Revolution


Sonic Spring is proud to present its newest masterpiece the KX Radio package.

It’s the only modern alternative jingle package that has musicality and covers all musical genres while keeping a signature strong distinctive sound.

“It is a package we are very proud of. Finally alternative and modern eclectic stations can use jingles with the birth of: KX Radio” – Maurice Verschuuren, Creative Director of Sonic Spring.

KX Radio is part of 3FM that plays modern, alternative, pop, rock, classics indie, and dance. A truly unique station with mostly young, talented, runner up DJ talent. Even famous movie stars, musicians and writers have their own show at KX Radio.

Listen to KX Radio below and contact Sonic Spring to revolutionize your station’s next sound.

Visit http://www.sonicspring.eu/
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