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Have you ever thought, 10 years ago, that you would be able to listen to your favorite Radio Station/Music through a small device in your hands…? Yes I am talking about Smartphones, your smartphone, the device through which you get online most time of the day and you listen to your favorite Radio through its Radio App!

– Radio App???

So let’s come to the point!!!

Radio Applications, one button click in the phone and you have your radio’s streaming directly to your listeners’ ears, wherever they are! Providing also all your Radio’s Information (Program Info, Now On Air, News, Contact) and content every listener would like to interact with.

Taking the above into consideration a lot of questions may appear to anyone interested in creating an app for their Radio Station, like the actual cost, the content management, the device compatibility, the updates in newest OS versions and finally the actual need in creating apps for a Radio Station. However let’s see some actual numbers from international surveys, talking about the Internet Radio and listeners’ behavior, which I believe have the answer in everyone’s main question “Why should I create Radio Apps for my Radio Station?”.

Let’s begin with the benefits of broadcasting radio through the Internet. Internet Radio has become an important distribution channel for the music industry and is poised to become an important advertising channel for marketers, estimated that the “only Internet Radio’s“ listeners will reach around 183 million till 2018 just in USA. Also time spent listening on Internet Radios is growing and has already displaced the traditional ways of listening radios, which means that Internet Radio has become a large advertising market & a critical element of overall radio ad market.

The other major Internet Radio trend, important to advertisers, is mobile usage. 45% of Internet Usage nowadays is from mobile devices. 90% of mobile users have installed more than 1 music app in their devices and Internet Radio has rapidly become a “unique” mobile experience for customers. In fact, only 5% of streaming radio time is now spent via computer, which means that 95% of Internet Radio Listening is on Mobile.

All the above show that the Radio will become an exclusively mobile thing! This comes also from some countries’ plans and announcements. In fact, Norway has announced that they will turn off its FM transmitters in 2017. They will be the first country in the world to switch off its FM radio signal. UK had also announced that they were planning to turn off their FM service by 2018 but those plans did not go through because of objections from commercial radio stations.

In conclusion, we see that the next big thing in Radio will be the Radio Mobile Apps.

Professional solutions can be found easily via a search over the internet.

A perfect solution is, where you can find dynamic native developed Radio Apps for Android and iOS devices, with prices starting from €50 for only Android or only iOS apps and solutions based on any need, either amateur or professional radio businesses.

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