Sonic Spring Creates Contemporary Classic Jingles for a Radio 2 Show



It is clear at the recent launch of the brand new jingle company Sonic Spring, that the aim was to bring back the magic and power of jingles at the same time deliver cutting edge radio imaging techniques, without the cookie-cutter, similar sounding approach that most radio ID services now use.

Sonic Spring delivers just that with its first jingle package for a program on Radio 2, the single best rated station in the Netherlands.

“This is a show hosted by Dutch radio icon Rob Stenders who wanted the warmth and character from the good old days in a package that also sounds contemporary as well, ” says Maurice Verschuuren, Creative Director of Sonic Spring.

Listen to the brand new package in the demo here:

About Sonic Spring

Offering jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd, it is founded by former NOVAZ creative director Maurice Verschuuren with over 15 years of experience with the world’s industry leaders.

He has worked with the best musicians and artists to create station imaging masterpiece. Sonic Spring has finally arrived at the jingle world.

Visit now.


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