Capital FM Weekend Collection Promo – HowardRitchie


From HowardRitchie :

Created by Ashley Bard and Stefan Valmunderson, what I like about this radio promo is how it not only flows in musical sense, but equally stipulates the key marketing points without uncessary sonic or sound elements. I was impressed that the promo was written with elements of large budget TV style creating scale but with humility.

There is a singing part created by Stefan which involved two producers singing the parts in harmony prior to altering them in the software – I thought that was cheeky and fun as it was so short.

Whilst these help add dimensions, this promo infers a new direction for the station retaining market ownership yet doing so in a warm and inviting way. The up beat bright approach to this promo created an exciting sound which I was impressed with very much.

posted on April 11, 2016 at 02:47AM

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