New Audio Tech To Reduce Cost of Streaming While Keeping Quality


Imagine your old mp3 audio at 128kbps, now cut the bit rate in half, but still achieve the same quality.”

– Alex Zink of Fraunhofer during the Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Malaysia.

“The intended applications for the new codec are streaming, downloads and digital radio.”

“It improves the listener experience by less buffering and lower data costs, for those concerned with the cost of data, you can stream more than 2 hours per day of stereo content (xHE-AAC at 16kbps) at the price you would have paid for 17 minutes of streaming on previous codecs using mp3 at 128 kbps. Reliable streaming over 2G networks has been tested successfully in India, where there are millions of potential new listeners who could be reached if audio could be successfully transmitted over 2G networks.”

Learn more about xHE-AAC here

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