You Make Us Q: A New Direction For Station Imaging


Qmusic kicked off 2016 in Belgium and the Netherlands with a first addition to its brand-new jingle package. Last autumn, the stations chose a new logo, baseline and unique jingle sound. Five more cuts have now been added to that package. In terms of both structure and sound, this imaging feels very innovative. The jingles highlight the fact that Hot AC/CHR styling can also be very musical.

Qmusic has made its imaging a strategic tool: the jingles serve to make the station stand out. At a time when more and more CHR stations are choosing imaging that is carried by impactful sound effects and highly processed voiceovers, Qmusic is unabashedly musical.

A distinctive instrumental logo, followed by a mix of subtle singing, voiceover and very strong musical forms of definite structure, give the station a clearly recognisable face − and the jingles create a great flow on the air.

Listen to an aircheck:

In a very short time, Qmusic has grown to become one of the sexiest radio brands in Western Europe. The group has national stations in Belgium and the Netherlands. For 15 years now, the station has been working with Brandy as its prized imaging partner.

Brandy is a Brussels based consultancy and production agency specialized in on-air branding. Brandy consults and creates audio and graphic design for both public and commercial radio and TV-stations in Europe, North- & South-America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


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