Alien Imaging Introduces New AI-FX2 Audio Package Developed For Stations With Feedback From Uber-Successful AI-FX1 Sound Effects Library


Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voice-over services company, and Alien Imaging LLC, a San Francisco, CA-based sound design company, announce the launch of Alien Imaging’s new audio production package, AI-FX2, available to radio stations for immediate download for cash or barter. The new audio imaging package is the evolution of the AI-FX series, introduced last June. AI-FX2 is inspired directly from AI-FX1 user feedback and builds on the sonic character of its predecessor. The AI-FX2 sound library is comprised of five groups of nearly 500 brand new sounds, including: 116 Promo and Sweeper Starters, Kicker and Separator FX elements; 197 FX with Tails/Starter FX with neutral and tonal tailing pads; 66 Loops/Beds/Rhythmic and music loops, 24 Drones, Pads and Textures; and 17 Wubs/Crazy Bass music elements now with added FX and mixouts, delivering over 50 individual effects.

Benztown and Alien Imaging will provide quarterly package updates and back catalogues to affiliates.

Justin Case, Director, Programming & Imaging, Benztown, said: “The sound design that comes from the crazy creative that is Jeff Schmidt is second to none. He pushes the envelope once more with AI-FX2. This package allows any imaging director to enhance the sonic identity of their station right out of the box. Truly cutting edge sounds coupled with a Benztown Extra-Terrestrial named Gary make AI-FX2 exactly what your station needs to sound out of this world.”


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