Nile FM Imaging feat Harry Legg and ReelWorld Jingles


A compilation of radio IDs for Cairo’s 104.2 Nile FM.

Heard here are jingles produced by ReelWorld Seattle, powered by the ReelWorld ONE KIIS FM package. Visit

The voice is by Harry Legg.

Harry Legg provides years of experience in voiceover and audio production. NYC based, Harry has voiced for some of the biggest companies on the planet – Coca Cola, Microsoft, Kodak, Honda, MTV, Ford, Pepsico, Comcast and many more.

Harry Legg produces on Pro Tools with top notch studio gear such as the Manley Voxbox, Sennheiser 416 mic and Neumann TLM 103. Harry Legg’s studio is Source-Connect Pro certified.

Visit for more info.

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