Arabic, Ambitious and Awesome!


Two radio stations in the Middle East now have a hot on-air sound from PURE Jingles.

With 11 TV channels and 2 radio stations, the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) is one of the biggest media companies in the Arab World.

MBC FM (music & entertainment) and Panorama FM (current hits) were looking for jingles that match with both Arabic and western music.

The two stations are number 1 and 2 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and have a combined market share of around 40%.

Arabic music styles & sounds

PURE Jingles created custom tracks, inspired by Arabic music styles & sounds, while the international part of the playlist is covered by the best of the JingleBox. All jingles are recorded with native lead vocals for local flavor.

Arabic, ambitious & awesome – it’s the new sound of MBC & Panorama FM!
On air in Saudi Arabia. Online at

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