WPLJ New York On Their Choice For CHR FX Package


Creative Services Director of WPLJ New York Dan Kelly revealed that their choice of FX package is something that hits just right.

Dan Kelly explains:

“Sometimes you’ll hear a CHR package that hits REALLY hard.”

That’s why the award-winner chooses the Sticky FX Volume 1.

“I’m really digging Sticky FX Volume 1. It’s a really sharp sounding package that’s just aggressive enough without being TOO intense.

He adds:

“These sounds hit just right. From the Atmospheres to the Beatfillers to the Bleeps, Impacts, Sweeps, etc….everything’s is strong enough and fun. It’s all categorized so you can easily find what you’re looking for. You’ll have a lot of fun using it!”

To get more info about Sticky FX, log on to www.stickyfx.com and get it for your station this 2016.

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