P3 Sweden’s Brand New Brand Sound!


P3 in Sweden now has a complete new, custom-made sound for its family of stations.

The music hub of Swedish public broadcaster SR came to PURE Jingles for a three-stage rocket mission: re-launching the sound of 3 channels. Original, melodic, and beat-driven!

P3 was looking for a way to create one brand identity, while giving every station its own character. PURE came up with a main P3 logo, including extensions for sub channels P3 Star (CHR) and P3 Din Gata (Urban).


As many other stations in the market were airing sung jingles, it was decided to work with voiceovers. They should appeal to the target audience, so you’ll hear mature voices on P3, and younger ones on Star and Din Gata.

All 3 ‘rockets’ are fueled with 1 Top of the Hour, 10 Main Themes, and 10 Beds plus Drones. P3’s main channel also got its hands on an extensive news imaging package, along the lines of their overall station sound.

Visit www.purejingles.com

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