Howard Ritchie – Sure, You’ve Heard Him Already But You’ve Never Heard This


As someone in the Asia and Pacific region, I get to be asked all the time who voices Capital FM.

Capital FM is like super big here in our region, a benchmark and the standard when it comes programming, imaging and production.

It used be Z100 and Dave Foxx in the 2000s.

But when it comes to imaging really in the 2010s and beyond, we look up to Capital FM and the voice artist Howard Ritchie.

Howard Ritchie was discovered by media mogul Richard Park.

Howard is the voice of world famous Capital FM, London and UK Network, owned by Global Radio. And he is the main voice guy on The Vodaphone Big Top 40 Show & Capital TV and the VOG for The UKs Largest Concerts and Events at Wembley Stadium and The O2 Arena.

Check out this vid presentation of Howard’s hottest works.

Howard is also heard on TV, check out the demos over at

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