Awesome Download! 30 FREE FX & WORKPARTS For Christmas Imaging


When you’re preparing your station’s Christmas imaging it’s nice to have some neutral X-Mas FX in your imaging arsenal. Now you can downlaod a X-Mas Pack with 30 FX and Work Parts for free courtesy of Sticky FX

And yes, it’s free and royalty free! Just download it and start producing! No purchase necessary, no strings attached. Just add the free X-Mas pack to your shopping cart and check-out. There will be no charges.

You will need to create an account to get your free X-Mas Pack.

Visit the link below to start downloading now.

Back Friday and Cyber Monday

Like every year Sticky FX has fantastic deals starting on November 27, Black Friday and ending on November 30, Cyber Monday. Make sure you visit their web site during these days, there will be discounts up to 40%.

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