Contact FM Chooses Custom Work By Brandy


Brandy’s Hit Zone package has been expanded with a series of medium and slow tracks that were custom-made for Contact FM, whose hits can be heard throughout northern France.

Brandy had previously produced a series of 10 jingles for the station’s rebranding a year ago.

Contact FM swears by customised imaging − it views the sound of its styling as a strategic tool for distinguishing itself as a hit station. And in turn, that kind of challenge is tailor-made for Brandy’s consultants and producers.

Because more and more tracks with a lower BPM are reaching the charts, it was obvious that the expansion of the package should follow suit. The Top of Hour − the recognition point for many listeners − has been retained, but its light remix lets the station emphasise the fact that it’s evolving with the musical trends.


Contact FM

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