BBC Asian Network’s Custom IDs by Wise Buddah


BBC Asian Network has launched a brand new Custom ID package written and produced by Wise Buddah in collaboration with renowned composer and musician Niraj Chag and the station sound team at Asian Network.The new sound provides the station with a complete imaging overhaul including a fresh new 7-note sonic identity.

Specifically designed to reflect the broad range of music genres the Asian Network broadcasts, the package incorporates a variety of Asian musical styles and covers everything from its News output and Breakfast show through to The Official Asian Download Chart show.

Wise Buddah’s Paul Plant said: “It was vitally important that the package was authentic and sonically credible and we’d been talking about collaborating with Niraj Chag for a long time. This was the perfect opportunity to combine forces, whilst having the pleasure of recording with a host of talented live musicians.”

Producer Jem Godfrey said: “The chance to rebrand one of the most innovative and distinctive radio stations in the world was a project I couldn’t wait to get started on. With such a wide ranging and diverse brief to bring the sound of the station together as one family, yet to keep each strand very much individual to itself was great fun and a fantastic challenge.

Together with Ollie Melville-Smith, we crafted the different elements required to deliver one of the packages that I’m most proud of in my career.”

Mark Strippel, Head of Programmes at the BBC Asian Network said:

“We’re really pleased to be launching a refreshed station sound for BBC Asian Network – something fresh, vibrant and truly inspired by the music we champion and the unique young British-Asian audience we serve.

“Wise Buddah, working with Niraj Chag, have brought a truly authentic feel to our new sound. They welcomed the challenge and worked hard to capture the sound of the station, from new themes for shows across our schedule. British-Asian rapper Raxstar also lends his voice to the musical elements and completes our most ambitious and distinctive package to date.”

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