2 FX Libraries Drop Prices and You Shouldn’t Miss It!


Jam’n 94.5 Boston, USA.

Format: Urban CHR

Creative Services Imaging Director Ricky Roo: “I’m stuck on Sticky FX cause Sticky FX is stuck on me! I’m called upon to create content at a moments notice and everything needs to be done yesterday, so I find myself editing my prod libraries down to their most usable cuts and tossing the clutter. I need to find an element as quickly as possible and with Sticky FX, I feel they have done the proper curating for me. I can always find the element that I need. From FLY IN’s to SIGNALS, HITS and DRONES. Each has a place in my production.” www.jamn945.com

Six FX libraries are on sale now at StickyFX.com and it includes the 50% slash on the much celebrated X-Calibur volume.

X-Calibur contains 129 tracks along with 189 bonus ones.

Described as legendary and unique X-Calibur is on the air at JAMN 94.5, Radio Signal, VIBE 107.6, Hi FM and Joy Radio.

If you’re an urban radio production guy Radio Bomb should light your “creative” fuse. It’s now half the price when it was first released.

Check out 4 other price drops at www.stickyfx.com


Sticky FX Price Drop

Sticky FX Price Drop

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