Bad Station IDs and 3 Things People Hate About Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music


3 Things People Hate About Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music

  1. non-coherent playlist
  2. station IDs
  3. compression

Journalist Chris Perkins published his review of the Beats 1 radio on Apple Music and he found the experience unpleasant.

Non-coherence of the playlist is one of his gripes.

Some of the main programming feels schizophrenic: It’s not uncommon to hear Mumford & Sons transition right into a Skrillex song. It makes for a pretty odd listening experience and I struggle to imagine that people are going to stay tuned in for a long period of time after a series of those changeovers.

He does not like the compression as well, not the bitrate compression but dynamic range compression. A trick he describes as very traditional-radio-eque.

Compare a track streaming in Beats 1 against a track streaming in regular Apple Music, and the Beats 1 track will be substantially louder, with artificially boosted treble and bass.

And of course the station IDs, they are even the most basic IDs, less noisy and less FX-driven than those playing on ****.

Bumpers are the breaks in between songs when the radio station says their name or plays signature music. These need to stop. Does anyone like these? They’re one of the worst things about radio, and they cheapen the Beats 1 experience.

Well, that probably explains why the experience was cheap because Apple, with all its billions of dollars could not spend on decent imaging.

Read the entire review of Chris here.

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