Constantly Updating Service is Need of Imaging Producer, Here’s How to Apply


My friends over at has a job opening for all you imaging and production nut.

Simon Prentice, Managing Director:

Got some spare time? Frustrated at making “woosh” vocal “woosh” sweepers?

Maybe….just maybe…..we can feed your inner production addiction. is a constantly updating blah blah blahhhhh you know the deal.

We are looking for some like-minded imaging producers who maybe have some spare time outside the station who want to earn a bit of sweet cash!

Whether you are a beatmatching queen, a sexy sound designer or branded intro boy…we want to hear from you!

Send us as minute of your work…. we have a small attention span…. and we can get chatting!! AC/Hot Ac/CHR get emailing now to

We will let you get back to your dark room – peace out

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