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Advertisement is very proud to introduce you to their brand new, epic series of albums ‘CINEMATIC TRACKS’

Recorded on location in Prague with 120 players from the magnificent Czech National Symphony Orchestra.


As the album title suggests this is an exciting journey into the imagination featuring wizards, witches, cowboys, pirates, super heroes, the archetypal American family and all with just the right amount of Hollywood gloss.


Explosions, chases, confrontation, war, good verses evil, it’s all here. If you need drama to pump up your production, look no further. Featuring the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, supplemented with electric guitars and beats.


Over a year in the making, working with one of the most virtuoso composers the team has ever worked with and mixed by award winning Music Producer Mike Bigwood.

A breathtaking album of music that spans the epic film genre to the max.


World class music composer and producer Owen Gurry is Hollywood’s secret weapon right now! Producing tracks, arrangements and overdubs – he’s been heard on countless movies and now brings his unique production style to our new cinematic trailer label. This album fuses beats and modern production styles, electronic and heavy guitars with classic orchestral strings – it’s a hybrid in the true sense of the word.

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