If You’re Hot AC, This Package Is A Sure ‘HIT’


For the second time, Floyd Media Productions is back in Slovenia with a task to produce
another full contemporary jingles package.

Radio HIT, one of the leading stations in the capital city Ljubljana is celebrating its 22nd
birthday, and the big anniversary was also marked with fresh on-air branding.

“Vedno Tvoj Hit” Radio HIT jingles package contains more than 100 audio elements and it
was sung in Slovenian language, injected with memorable 4-note sonic logo. Each theme
was produced and delivered in wide range of versions and mixouts: Ramps, Basic ID’s,
Shotguns, Hyper ID’s, Top of The Hour and additional production workparts.

This package is now available for re-sing and customization with your station’s name and
slogan and/or sonic logo. Email Floyd Media for more details at office@floydmedia.net

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