AC Radio Producers Have Found A New Friend, And It Has A Sequel


Sticky FX introduced GLIDE 2

If you’re imaging an AC or Hot AC station you know just like us that it isn’t that easy to find the right FX & Work Parts.

Most of them sound too harsh or the pounding basses don’t match the sound of your station’s music. Even the libraries that claim to be made for AC or Hot AC formats tend to go overboard making them worthless.

After introducing Glide in 2011, Sticky FX heard from many of the producers using it, that they especially liked the neutral sound and subtleness of Glide. Something they couldn’t find anywhere else so the demand for a sequel has been huge. And here it is…Glide 2!

Glide 2 has 170 FX & Work Parts conveniently categorized in 5 folders. From subtle Impacts to fresh Starters. And from beautiful Musical Elements to short Blips & Pops.

And of course lots and lots of Whooshes. With this library you’ll have an imaging toolkit tailor made for AC and Hot AC radio. It provides you with all the essential elements you need to brand your station with a classy and contemporary sound.

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