Imaging for Planet Radio Germany


(Audio montage contains jingles produced by Wise Buddah in London)

Planet Radio is a Top 40 radio station in Frankfurt, Germany which overs a variety of music genre from pop, dance to house, hip hop and RNB.

Since it launched in April 21, 1997 the station has been recognized consistently not only for its quality programming but also for its audio branding.

Planet Radio has tapped major production companies both in Europe and in the US for its imaging and sung jingles.

It’s More Music branding was amped up with IDs by Wise Buddah in London.

In 2010 and beyond, Planet is partners with ReelWorld Europe in creating great radio.

It’s ReelWorld ONE CHR project was described by Mick von Oppen as perfect playground for producers.

“ReelWorld ONE CHR is a perfect producer’s playground, versatile and easy to use – just like music playing on during planet radio. And the best part is that the jingle package grows.”

Today, Planet Radio continues its tradition of incorporating cutting edge and unconventional production techniques and imaging solutions, relevant to today’s music content.

In this audio compilation Planet uses tuned voice FX for the logo, the result is a catchy and home-run identification.

Listen to these montage of airscoped IDs now airing on Planet Radio and its top rating morning show.


(Audio montage contains jingles produced by Wise Buddah in London)

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