This Jingle Package Is The First In The Market, Listen Now @Soundquadrat


Carlo Jose is undoubtedly a genius when it comes to radio production in the Manila. Call him the prod pro along with Van Omega of RMN Manila.

He is behind the imaging of the country’s top CHR network Magic and has produced IDs for now the defunct Wow FM, the network’s first masa station.

Jose commissioned Benztown and Sound Quadrat, this time to create bespoke sung IDs for 99.5 Play FM.

This being part of a new format and branding approach where DJs are told to talk less and play more music, hence the back to the music faster format.

The Play jingles around the sonic logo of Big FM, the same used on Wow FM jingles and the first custom package for a CHR station in the country.

Sound Quadrat delivered a package that is consistent with the new format, punchy and trendy.

This is how is sounds on the air 99.5 Play FM showcasing Sonny B and Pink Power duo Bea Fab and Katrina.

Check out the full package at Sound Quadrat now.

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