ReelWorld CHR Jingles for AC Radio, It Crazily Sounds Awesome in Boston


Not entirely a new thing to have CHR jingles playing on AC radio stations, back from the days of Dallas-made jingles to ReelWorld KISS FM cuts airing on WLYT in New York.

The trend continues even in Asian airwaves with Love Radio Philippines powering up with kickass KIIS 2007 jingles that aid their award-winning and top rating on air sound and Yes FM, the country’s second top radio network using KISS 108 cuts.

Those two are unbeatable stations in the country and they understand the power of sung jingles while others have snubbed the idea.

AC stations today are upbeat, bright and fun and a CHR-original for this format just makes sense.

Magic 106.7 in Boston also uses ReelWorld’s KIIS jingles.

If it’s AC jingles, a little thinking out of the box does work.

Check out ReelWorld’s latest CHR and AC jingles at

KISS 108 Jingles for AC Station Yes FM

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