Why Radio Production is Not For You


You were 13 and you looked up to Dave Foxx as a radio production god. Now, you have the job you’ve been dreaming of.

You are now producing for top stations in the market.

Then reality bites.

You’re dumped with tons of production works, you only sleep 3 hours a day if lucky. Production is now sucking the best out of you.

Then you question? Do I still love what I am doing? It is my passion but why am I complaining now?

Answer is, radio production is not for you. This job is not for those who want to be cool, who want to be in, who want to be praised by friends. Or want to prove to a former station manager that one is better than him.

Production is not all about having the best FX libraries, getting friends with people at ReelWorld or TM Studios, or having met Dave Foxx in person.

It is about the daily realities of radio business and relationships.

Every day in radio, things always have to be done now, if not yesterday not just in production. There are always deadlines, pressure, here and there.

If you are not up to the task, someone is going to replace you right away. Production these days is far better than those done in the 90s, things should be easier. Think about it, more work means you are capable of doing it than others. Feel like giving up? Remember, someone is waiting in line.

Then think about those who you work with, your senior producer, station manager, never mind those who sit in the corporate desks. Remember the saying “people will forget what you told them or did to them, but they sure remember how you made them feel.”

Nothing is more rewarding than receiving a “thank you” from a co-worker. If you’ve finished those load of production works now, consider the sigh of relief your superior will get.

If you feel bad about delivering late, don’t beat yourself up. Everybody screws up.

If you have reached what others call a plateau,  a burnt out stage in your career, take a breather. This 2015, you deserve a recharge.

Not just a physical rest, or some soul-searching, but a sudden shock!

Now that you’ve reached this stage, it is no longer all about proving to those who bullied you before that you’re no good. It is certainly not all about the money.

Count those nods, awards if any, pats on the shoulder you received as well as remember those times you failed, what does not kill you makes your stronger. Then get your feet back up and say this year, I am better.

Radio production is not a glorious job. So if you are making a living out of it, sorry!

But if you get up everyday and sit on your production desk and consider this another day of playing, radio production should not be your job, but your true passion.

Dave Foxx said he is just so fortunate to be in the industry where is rewarded to play everyday.


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