Legendary Jingle Logo Gets Upgraded on Legendary American Station


Kiss-F-M, when you tried to sing it instead of reading it, you know you have one melody in mind, the legendary three note KIIS FM logo. And WPST 94.5 in New Jersey is proud of their new jingle package from TM Studios.

When we were looking to update the sound of 94.5 PST, the choice was obvious!

The New TM worked with us in creating a jingle package that perfectly fits between every song currently being played on Top 40 radio.

The music, vocals, production, and of course, the signature logo, are guaranteed to blow you away!

Dave McKay of PST.

The new KISS TM for PST package is a 16-themed jingle lib complete with ramp, slogan, logo and shotgun versions plus utilities such as morning and weather.

Also recently launched is the new jingle package for Magic 102.7.

Listen to all the demos and TM Studios now.

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