Alert! The Competition Will Go Extinct With These FX Libraries + PLUS Free FX


Overloaded with production works in the middle of the holidays, while the rest of the world are enjoying it – not a new thing for hard-core radio producers.

But production does not have to be such a tedious, boring thing to do even in the holidays. In 2015, it’s exciting that we get to see new production FX libraries emerging that not only make great radio sound but makes production work for producers a lot easier.

Dodo FX launched this year and the feedback from the community is just positive. Why? The sounds are just so unique, but modern and packs a lot of punch.

And here is more about their latest hatch with swamp sauce processing.

All of the original Dodo imaging effects have been cooked in their special processing ‘swamp sauce’…and now, they are ready to cut through everything!

On top of that, The Dodo’s created 100 extra Dodo fx, so that’s over 300 high quality imaging effects that will lift your productions to the next level.

Crazy Dodo wings, Dodo nozzles, Dodo tails, Small Dodo’s, Extra Small Dodo’s And Big fat Dodo’s…and…best of all, Dodo fx Hatch 1 ‘with swamp sauce’ is available for exactly the same price! Yes, that’s way more stuff for the same price!

And for the small budgets, they offer a Dodo fx sample mini pocket pack.

50 Hatch 1 imaging sounds for only $49… with all that processing sauce!

Dodo fx are specially made for today’s professional, innovative, creative, weirdo, freaky, passionate imaging believers and their audience.

Get these unique imaging sounds today, and your competition is as dead as a Dodo!

Dodo fx is delivered via download in 48 KHz 24 bit resolution.
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Get the Dodo Free Pack here

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